Friday October 28, 2005 - Buffet with fajitas at Felix's Mexican Restaurant on Westheimer . 
Saturday October 29, 2005 - Picnic Lunch at Lamar High School, with school tours
Saturday October 29, 2005 - Dinner and dancing at The Forest Club
Sunday, October 30, 2005 - Brunch at the Hilton (Doubletree) on Post Oak Boulevard

See the invitation for more detail.

Friday Night - Fajitas at Felix's Mexican Restaurant

Tommy Dickey, Suzie Manett Sapirstein, Dene Hofheinz Anton  

James and Sharon Bell, Nelson Smith

Carolyn Benjamin Baker, Virginia Young McCarroll

Couples L to R Dale and Sandra Benke, Tommy and Debra Billips
Mike Boyd                                                              Joe Ince                                                                      Bunny Moore

Jay Farr and Larry Stewart

Sally Goerner Bridges and Laurie Waters Eckman

Front L to R Beth and Harold Gunn

Lee Hawkins Harrison, Edwin Burton, Bonnie Hubly

Dene Hofheinz Anton and Kathy Janeba Lasater

Janet Hopper and Kay Dunlap Henderson 

Bob Hopson and Pam Ballard Bowman

Patsy Albrecht Kaphengst, Edwin Burton, Connie Cooper Byers

Carolyn Ledbetter Newman and Richard Hall

David  McStravick and Sally Henderson Yates

Bonnie Hubly, Connie Cooper Byers, Laurie Waters Eckman,
Lee  Hawkins Harrison, and Marilyn Ralls Johnson

Robert Moore

Karin Peterson Tripp and Karon Hughes Harris

Dallas Pung Wasson and Jane Shelton Hurlock

David and Jan LaMaster Redford

Karin Peterson Tripp, Suzie Manett Sapirstein, and Don Lewis, MD

Nelson Smith and Edwin Burton

Penny Thornall Remick and  Margaret Foley-Bryan

Carole Tomlinson Duncan and Georgia Reynolds White

Rt  Bobby Parkinson

Saturday Noon - Picnic at Lamar High School

Carolyn Benjamin Baker and Marilyn Moore Young  

Laurie Waters Eckman, Martha Moreland Knight,
Connie Cooper Byers, Babs McNeir, and Lee Hawkins Harrison

Bill and Antha Adkins Holland, Rob Burchfield, Karin Peterson Tripp, and George Steele

Mike and Margaret Shook, Bobby Parkinson, and
Clifford and Becky Marshall Chatham

Class of 1960 Singing the Lamar Fight Song

Lamar Cheerleaders Leading the Class

Mike and Margaret Shook,  Bobby Parkinson giving us the "L"

Yea, Lamar

Marilyn Ralls Johnson, Sara Ivins Maley, and David McStravick

Rob Burchfield
Bunny Moore drove his red 1957 Chevy Convertible up the drive to the Lamar High School Cafeteria where the picnic was being held.
  Pretty soon a crowd gathered and admired the beautifully restored car.

Saturday Evening - Sox Hop at The Forest Club

Scott Caven and Mary Strauss Waggoner

Alice Bell Smith , Glen and Martha Turner Bauguss

Augie Bering

Larry and Patti Payne Hitt

Gail Dorman Olson

Aubrey and Alice Red Calvin

Pam Ballard Bowman

Joe Parks

Dorwayne Phelps Avery

Standing: Carole  Tomlinson Duncan
Seated :  Shlomo and Jody Todd Sela

Alice Bell and Nelson Smith, Kendall Hamilton, MD, Marilyn Ralls Johnson, and Neil Calnan

Sunday Morning - Brunch at the Hilton on Post Oak Boulevard

George and Pam Steele

Kathy Janeba Lasater and Catherine Compton

Bill Watts

Nancy Kleir Kennedy

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