These Lamar 1960 classmates and friends have (reportedly) passed away, but they live on in our memories of Lamar.  The 1960 January graduates are noted.  Classmates and friends who were not Seniors in the 1960 Orenda are marked with an asterisk (*).

Marion (Corry) Adams, Jr.  d. November 7, 2014 
Michael S. (Mike) Adams  d. June 26, 2013
McGee Andrews

Kareen Arnold Rosenberg   d. September 4, 2008
J. R. (Dick) Aston  d. December 25, 2001
Karl Bagwell
Patricia Bailey
James Howard (Jim) Balzer  d. February 21, 2015
Marlene Bassham
Robert Garrett (Garry) Boggs  d. December 3, 2004
Jimmie N. Brannen
Susan Brogan
Barry Bryson  (January Graduate)
Carol Ann Calabretta
David Franklin Campbell
  d. October 8, 2009
Temple H. Cannon
Stephen C. (Steve) Carlson  d. January 10, 2013
Jeanette Carnes
Ronald D. Charlton   d. November 26, 2003
Richard Morris Cheatham  d. March 6, 2013
Ronald L. (Ronnie) Cloud  d. June 24, 2006
Robert O. (Bobby) Collins
Phillip S. Cutler
James H. (Jimmy) Daniels
Don Davis  d. April 11, 2015
Milton C. (Buddy) Dear
William C. (Bill) Denton  d. September 20, 2005
Stephen Allen (Steve) Dupree  d. September 22, 2010
Marcia Durgin
Bill Edwards*
Jo Edwards
Jay Evans*
Daniel W. (Danny) Everett
William Charles (Bill) Fletcher  d. January 10, 2009
Claire Fridley Riley  d. December 15, 2004
Elizabeth Fuson Williams Beck d. May 24, 2014
Lanny Gay*
Henry Kendall Hamilton, M.D. d. May 30, 2009
Vila Hamrick   d. October 3, 1959
Byron Hanna
Alan B. Harp  d. October 20, 2005
Charles Hatfield

Thomas M. (Tommy) Hill
Marjorie Sue Hinds  d. March 2, 2007
Bill Holman (January Graduate)

Janet Lynn Hopper  d. April 20, 2007
Marcia Horton Riesinger  d. December 23, 1978

James A. House
Andrew Jitkoff
Murry Jones
Jack E. Josey  d. January 31, 2006
Charles T. Kimball
William C. (Billy) LaMaire   d. February 13, 1992
John R. LaMontagne d. November 2, 2004
Steven H. Lawrence  d. February 15, 2006
Russell F. (Buzzy) Lay 
Robert J. (Bobby) Lee

Charles Leftwich
John Leo
David Logan
Gerald Lowther   d. January 3, 1998

Kennith C. (Ken) Manning  d. February 2, 2012
Sandra Marr

Frank John Martino, Jr.  d. May 6, 1960
Anne Elizabeth Mason-Brothers  d. October 1, 2007
Barry Andrew McCormick  d. June 3, 2006

Donald A. (Don) Meineke
Jon Eric (Jack) Mercer  d. June 26, 2000
Nancy Jane Miller Raab
Janice Mills*
Penelope Ann (Penny) Moncus Pope  d. April 16, 2010
Boyd B. (Bunny)
Moore  d. June 4, 2006
Suzanne Moore Daughters  d. May 3, 2009
Bonnie J. Moss Benson
Nancy Mullenix  (January Graduate)
Jean Newman
Judith Louise Nichols Cope  d. September 23, 2009
Coleman Nockolds, D.D.S. d. March 25, 2009
Deborah O. (Debbie) Pancoast Rogers  d. May 17, 2005
Terry Park Dalton  d. October 17, 2011
Robert L. (Bobby) Parkinson  d. January 30, 2014

Sharon Powell   d. June 26, 2001
John Nolan (Johnny) Powers  d. August 21, 2000
William Neal Powers
Dallas Pung Wasson  d. May 6, 2013
Gene Quibodeaux
William H. Ratz  d. March 11, 2003
Connie Redfield Klepper  d. March, 2000
Dan C. Rhodes   d. April,  2001
William Marsh (Bill) Rice, III  d. August 24, 2006
Richard Allen Rogers  d. March 22, 2009
Michael D. (Mike) Sabath
William (Bill) Sadler  d. August 2, 1995
Marilyn Salveeter
Marinelle Sanders Hernlund  d. November 2, 2009
John Schilthuis
Jim Scott
Richard Hunter Shaffer  d. October 12, 2008
John Howard Sharkey  d. September 22, 2010
Carol Ann Sheehan
Judy Smith Dupont  d.  November 7, 2010
Lawrence L. (Larry) Stewart  d. June 21, 2010
Linda Stewart
Dickie Stillwell  (January Graduate)
Tom Stockton
Carol Jane Storm Elliott  d. October 9, 2011
Rick Suddreath, Jr.*   d. May 14, 2002
James (Jim) Suttles  d. August 8, 2012

Griffith R. (Griff) Tees, Jr.
d. January 16, 2004
Clarence Thompson
Martin Morris (Marty) Thornhill  d. October 28, 2007
Richard N. (Dickie) Thornton
Carole Tomlinson Duncan  d. June 16, 2014
Kathy Vaughan*
Carolyn Vinson Meador   d. July 25, 2005
John Von Eiff  d. February 12, 2007
Laura Walsh Bleil  d. April 30, 2002
W. Key Welch  d. December 21, 2005
Peggy Westheimer Watts  d. April 15, 1989
Diann Whistler
Robert Whitaker
(January Graduate)
Joe Frank Whitley
, Jr.
Karen Wible Stone  d. July 1, 2008
Jeff Williams (January Graduate)
Lon Wingrove
Elaine Winston Sheffield  d. June 29, 2006
Don L. (Pete) Wise
John Woolsey, Jr.  d. December 16, 2014 
Robert B. Wray  d. October, 1992

We have dates of deaths and obituary information for some of our classmates.  If you can provide a missing date of death, an obituary, and/or a personal note about the deceased, please email:

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