Nelson Smith and Liz Mobley Wayne


Penny Thornall Remick

Joan Hall Parker and

Ann Comstock Hornbeak


Betty Milner Blake


Marilyn Ralls Johnson


Carolyn Benjamin Baker
Bette Teachworth Brieger
Rob Burchfield
Jay Farr

Richard Hall
Allan Parker
Doug Toole
Georgia Reynolds White

LAMAR 1960 REUNION COMMITTEE GATHERINGS occur about every 3 months.

2nd Tuesday every other month

Exact date and location of these events will be e-mailed to ALL classmates.


How about a 75th Birthday Party? 


The Double Nickel

MAY 1-3, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015 - 3 pm - Hilton Garden Inn, Galleria - Meet and Greet your classmates - Hostess: Nancy Kleir Kennedy

Friday, May 1, 20157 to 9 pm - Saint Arnold’s BreweryNorth of Downtown Houston - Happy Hour and Dinner - $45 Prepaid by April 28th or $50 at the door - included free beer.

Saturday May 2, 2015 - 11 am -  Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen, 5475 West Loop South, south of SW Freeway, in front of Home Depot - Choose and pay for your own Lunch. Hostess:  Bette Teachworth Brieger


5 pm - Kentucky Derby Broadcast - WE WORE OUR FANCY HATS - Cash Bar had mint julips.  We snacked on salsa, queso and chips.

6 pm - Fajita Buffet Dinner - $45 Prepaid by April 28th or $50 at the door - Cash Bar - Rob Burchfield accompanied us while we sang rousing renditions of the Lamar High School fight songs and anthem.

8 pm - The biggest boxing event in a decade, Mayweather vs. Pacquiano was shown on TV screens at the restaurant along with a DJ outside at 8 pm.

Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 10 am - Cafe Express in Uptown Park, north party room - Choose and pay for your own Brunch. Hostess:  Marilyn Ralls Johnson

Additional Credits:  Joan Hall Parker was the Chair for the 55th Reunion.  Georgia Reynolds White designed, printed, and mailed the invitations.  Bette Teachworth Brieger made the nametags.  Doug Toole brought a really Big Red to the Saturday night event.  That is Big Red below with Marilyn Ralls Johnson.



Our 50th Reunion Events

Friday Night Fiesta Event – October 8, 2010 -  Lela Lynn Boyd Windham, Chair
Cadillac Bar – 6:30-10:00 PM - 1802 North Shepherd -Houston TX 77007 – 713.862.2020

Saturday January 1960 Class Luncheon – October 9, 2010 - James Bell, Chair
Baba Yega’s Jasmine Room
– 11:00am-2:00pm - 2607 Grant – Houston TX 77006 – 713.522.0042Overflow dined at Danton’s Seafood Restaurant at 4611 Montrose 

Saturday Night Dinner Dance Event – October 9, 2010 - Barbara McNeir, Chair
Lakeside Country Club
– 6:30-10:00 PM - 100 Wilcrest – Houston TX 77042 – 281.497.2222

Sunday Dutch Treat Brunch – October 10, 2010 - Marilyn Ralls Johnson, Chair
Cafe` Express-Uptown Park – 10:30 AM-12:30 PM - 1101 Uptown Park Blvd. – Houston TX  77056 – 713.963.9222

Sunday Matinee – October 10, 2010 - Marilyn Ralls Johnson, Chair
Ned S. Holmes Performance Hall
(Lamar Senior High School Auditorium) –1:00 PM – 3:00 PM - 3325 Westheimer.
Lamar 1960 showcases our talented, award winning classmates in a variety show.  Lamar classes 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962 are invited to come and bring family and friends.  Free Admission.  No reservations required. Donations`to Hope College Scholarships for Lamar HS Graduates gratefully accepted. It's on UTUBE.

The 50th Reunion invitations have gone out in the mail.  Margaret Deats Bott and Bill Palmer were the committee  for this project.  If you did not get an invitation,  please contact Margaret at and request one.

Doug Toole hosted 
a bonus Chat and Chew barbeque at his Warehouse.  Pictures will be posted here.

January 9, 2010 the
Class of 1960 Reunion Committee gathered at 2 Riverway.  We made some choices about hotels and decorations.  We expect invitations to go out in June.

50's Trivia -
January 8, 2010 was the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth. 

Our Christmas Chat and Chew
was held at
Villagios Italian Grill, 5777 San Felipe Rd. at Bering It was good enough for a second visit.  We celebrated December birthdays including  Dene Hofheinz Anton and Marilyn Ralls Johnson.  Delicious cake.  This will be one of our favorite places.

A great time was had by everyone attending
the Grand Opening of the Ned S. Holmes Performance Hall starring our own Tommy Tune (1957) in Steps in Time on October 21, 2009.  There was a full house and lots of applause.  Tommy was just wonderful. 

The video about Ned Holmes (1963) was a laugh riot.  Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (1963) appeared in the video for his friend, Ned, and Harris County Judge Ed Emmott (Bellaire HS) pardoned Ned for a youthful indiscretion while at Lamar.

Several of our classmates were there.  Dene Hofheinz Anton and Mike and Terry Park Dalton came together. 
Bill Walker, Sally Henderson Yates, and Marilyn Ralls Johnson were there also. 

Two of our classmates were on the Steps in Time Committee, Sally Henderson Yates, who prepared the welcome baskets for Tommy Tune and the Manhattan Rhythm Kings, and
Marilyn Ralls Johnsonwho was Co-Chair of the Publicity Committee for the event.

The Gathering of the Class of 1960 Reunion Committee on October 17, 2009,  produced some important decisions about the venues for our 50th Reunion:

Friday Night  - Cadillac Bar for a buffet with cash bar
Saturday Night -  Lakeside Country Club for dinner and dancing
Sunday Afternoon - A Show put on by our classmates in the Ned S. Holmes Performance Hall at Lamar

Our October Chat and Chew was at Villagios Italian Grill, 5777 San Felipe Rd. at Bering A big crowd turned up and really enjoyed the food and the service.

Christie's Chat and Chew on August 4, 2009, was fun as always. Summer vacations were discussed.  We were glad to see Barbara McNeir at a Chat and Chew again.

Buca di Beppo Restaurant
serves family style, so we shared a wide selection of tasty dishes and a giant bottle of Chianti at our June 9, 2009, Chat and Chew.  Mary Askew, who lives in Baldwin City, Kansas, was visiting in Houston and came by to celebrate her birthday with us.  She has recovered from her hip injury and can play golf again! The big chocolate birthday cake managed to stay on the plate this time. 

Kendall Hamilton, M.D.
passed away May 30, 2009.  Some of our classmates were childhood friends who lived on Dryden Street, including  Alice Bell Smith, Carol Guthrie Brown, and Carolyn Beatty.  They remember him with much affection.  Click  here for his Obituary and Guest Book.

50th Reunion Committee Gathering was held Saturday, May 16, 2009, at 9:30 AM at Diverse Works, where we may have our Friday night event.  The Committee considered information including costs for events, locations, menus, and hotels prepared by Barbara McNeir and Marilyn Ralls Johnson, and expects to make final decisions on October 17, 2009, at our next Gathering.  Expectations are high for a really fantastic 50th Reunion.

Reunion Committee Treasurer Nelson Smith reported we have  $11,128.48, which will be used to pay deposits and reduce the cost of the Reunion for everyone.  We will not have live (silent) auctions at our events in the future.  If you want to Sponsor our Reunion, contact
Penny Thornall Remick.  You will be recognized as a Sponsor at the Reunion. 

Bonus Chat & Chew
at James Coney Island on Westheimer on May 5, 2009.  Our special guests were graduates from
Bellaire High School in 1960, who were in Deanna Schiro Stubbs' class at Pershing Jr. High.  Pershing and Mark Twain Elementary alums had a great mini reunion.  We celebrated Ann Comstock Hornbeak's May birthday with a chocolate cake.

Lamar High School Alumni Association, Inc. held its annual Distinguished Alumni Luncheon on April 21, 2009, at River Oaks Country Club, and 10 members of the Reunion Committee of the Class of 1960 had a table for the show honoring  Dr. Donald Harragon '54,  Vincent Santamaria '60 and his brothers and sisters, Brigadier General Michael Longoria '74, and Dorothy Knox Houghton '62.

Lamar '60 classmates  pictured at the Distinguished Alumni Luncheon:  Top Row:  (L to R) Ann Comstock Hornbeak, Marilyn Ralls Johnson, Richard Hall, Esq., Penny Thornall Remick, Sally Henderson Yates, Dene Hofheinz AntonSeated:  (L to R) Joan Hall Parker, Betty Milner Blake, Deanna Schiro Stubbs, Margaret Deats Bott

Beaudreaux's on West Loop 610 and Hwy 59 was the scene of  a very special Chat & Chew on April 7, 2009.  On the menu was Cajun food featuring oysters, crawfish, and alligator.  We had 26 in the party room, and celebrated Sally Henderson Yates birthday with a cake. Peary Perry came in from Austin.

Many thanks to Betty Teachworth Brieger's son, who manages the restaurant, for a really fun party.

Remember the Astrodome!  Dene Hofheinz Anton's father fulfilled his dream of building the Astrodome, which was called the Eighth Wonder of the World.  Go to for the story of its creation .  Now it may be torn down.  Save our Dome!   Send an email message to the County Commissioners.

50th Reunion Committee Gathering
was held Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 9:30 AM at 2 Riverway – Suite 700.  All but two of our classmates who had volunteered to take on a project attended.  No new final decisions were made at this meeting, but many suggestions and questions were considered.  The next Gathering will be May 16, 2009.  All class members are invited to come and help plan our 50th Reunion.

"The 50th Reunion Memory Book is underway, thanks to the information you sent to us.  We hope to publish a soft-bound book with photos of our past and our present and information about our classmates lives since 1960.  One of our most creative classmates, Betty Lee Cox Springer, will design the Memory Book, and others - Kay Dunlap Henderson, Elliott (Shanti) Emerson and Carolyn Beatty - will edit. Buddy Dacus, Kay and I will work on advertising concepts and selling the ads."  Margaret Deats Bott, Chair

Several of our classmates passed away during the last 12 months:  Coleman Nockolds, D.D.S., Kareen Arnold Rosenburg, Karen Wible Stone, Richard Rogers, and Suzanne Moore Daughters.  These friends, and other classmates who have gone before us, will have a place in a special Remembrance Book at our 50th Reunion.

The first Chat and Chew of the New Year was held Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 6:30 p.m., at Cleburne Cafeteria, 3606 Bissonnet, Houston.  Attendance was good.

Richard, Karin, and Bill Palmer

Sue, J.E., and Deanna

Bill, Carol, and David
Dinner for Karin Peterson Tripp.  A group of us gathered for fellowship and dinner with our classmate, Karin Tripp, who was in Houston for a visit.  Karin lives in Vienna, Austria.  The dinner was held January 6, 2009, at Frank’s Chop House in Houston, owned and managed by another classmate, Frank Crapitto.

Attendees were Ann (Comstock) and Bill Hornbeak, Sue (Stockard) and David Bellamy, Penny Thornall Remick, Deanna Marie (Schiro) and J.E. Stubbs, Bill and Carol Palmer, Richard Hall, Rob and Dorothy Burchfield, Joan (Hall) and Allan Parker, and Pamela Ballard Scott.  Frank graciously greeted all, and visited with us several times during the evening.  As usual, we had a jolly and happy evening, catching up with each other’s lives and events.  And, of course, we had delicious food, thanks to Frank.

Our circle of classmates is large and far flung, but it is wonderful that we can gather when we can.  Karin, being in Austria, visits at times with another classmate, Jackie Senouillet Murphy, who lives in Monaco.  They are the only two classmates living in Europe at this time.
Frank and Karin

Joan, Pam, and Ann



Order from Penny Thornall Remick
includes tax and shipping
Mention size and sex of wearer when ordering a polo shirt by email.

Penny Thornall Remick if you wish to be a Sponsor of the Reunion. 
You will be recognized at the Reunion.


The Reunion Committee and fellow classmates here in Houston are always happy to put together a luncheon or dinner for our out of town visitors.  Please contact us if you have the opportunity to visit here: Joan Hall Parker  and/or  Ann Comstock Hornbeak.

We need pictures and printed memorabilia from our days at Lamar High School for a new School Days web page.  And we would like to link your personal and business web site to this site.  Send your pictures, link information and messages about this web site to:

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