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CLASS OF  1960
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This is the OFFICIAL site for the Lamar High School, Houston, Texas, Class of 1960 Reunion. It's number 40 this year, and we can't find everyone. Please help us! 

These are the people we need to find. If you know where they are please e-mail us at lamar1960@mailcity.com. 


Let's fill OUR WEB SITE with memories and pictures of us and our families. We hope to interview some of our high profile classmates, and we would like articles from all of you. Tell your story here! 

We want pictures of you (now or then), your kids names, your employer's name, your e-mail address, your web page addresses. Mail the stories and information to:____________________ or SEND EVERYTHING TO US BY E-MAIL! 


We'll be updating frequently, so check back often!